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“If you believe business is built on
relationships, make building
them your business.”

—Scott Stratten

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Unite Utah is a network of business professionals like you who are looking to connect to other business owners. We provide you with the environment and opportunity needed to build meaningful connections that add value to your company. We’ve helped businesses connect with new clients, suppliers, business partners, and more.

We host a monthly event, which is usually held on the last Tuesday of each month at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. At these events, you’ll be able to build close connections and create a network of business owners with interests and goals similar to yours. With both

small-group and open networking opportunities, Unite Utah allows you to build as many connections as you wish at every event. Plus, each event features a keynote speaker that will share valuable knowledge on how you can build a more successful business.

Unite Utah currently has over 200 members that regularly attend events, representing more than 90 different industries. Our events are the ideal place for you to create a network of connections that will help your business thrive. Join us at our next event, and learn more about how Unite Utah can connect you to the people you’re looking for.

Create Valuable Connections

Monthly Networking Events

At Unite Utah, we recognize the value and importance of building connections that add value to your business. To this end, we host a large monthly event in which you can meet a large number of like-minded individuals in one place. You’ll be able to participate in ice-breaker activities to make it easier for you to connect with those around you, making your networking efforts that much more successful.

We also strive to find an exceptional speaker for every event—one that can provide you with insights and advice on building a better, more successful business. You can view this month’s event details to learn more about the speaker we have scheduled for our next Monthly Networking Event.

Our organization has grown exponentially, and we host a large number of attendees at each event. We invite you to come and participate in our next event. We’re confident that you’ll create the connections your business needs to grow and thrive.

round table events

We know that building meaningful connections isn’t limited to brief interactions with large numbers of individuals. That’s why Unite Utah also hosts a monthly Round Table Event, so that you are able to meet with a smaller group on a more intimate level, and build stronger, more valuable connections.

Round Table Events typically occur in groups of 8 to 12 individuals who meet together to learn more about one another and their businesses. The event is held in an open-house format, so you can come and go as needed based on your schedule.

We understand that some individuals have a difficult time attending more strictly structured networking events due to their schedules, or are intimidated by the concept of networking in large groups. Our Round Table Events are designed to accommodate these situations, and we have hosted many with great success. Join us for our next Round Table Event to see the connections you can make.

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  • “I have been a part of several different networking groups in the past.  Unite Utah is definitely one of the best.  They have created a unique system that has really enhanced my BluSpôk network.  I really enjoy the meetings and have had great success attending their events.  Thanks Unite Utah.”

    —JJ - BluSpôk
  • “I have been searching for the perfect networking organization to join for a long time.  UniteUtah! has proven to be so much more than I could ever hope for.  Their "Lift as You Rise" approach encourages an atmosphere of camaraderie and true partnership.  I feel like I have become a member of a great team of many members whose sole focus is to build every company that joins.  I just can't say enough great things about Unite Utah!”  

    —Jeannie, Stone Gate
  • “Unite Utah will continue as a premier event each month, I especially like the relaxed atmosphere and the way you leave people to do what they have come for - network!”  

    —Mark, SEO Game
  • “Ever since I started attending Unite Utah last year, I have seen my business explode with new leads, deals, and business relationships. I've made contacts and already done deals with some of the premier business owners in the state and now I consider Unite Utah to be one of the premier networking groups around.”

    —Sam - Heartland

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