July 19th | 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

@ Living Planet Aquarium

roger andrus

Roger Andrus

Managing Partner

Roger Andrus BIO

For almost three decades I’ve​ helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs secure the content, capital, and connections they need to accelerate profitability​.

In recent years, ​I’ve been ​coaching CEOs while ​growing business accelerators and incubators; more specifically helping companies​ to​ accelerate revenue growth​ and optimize their business models.

This passion for helping others has led to the founding of TechX – ​Revenue Accelerator, ​Mentored Acceleration, and ​other cutting-edge programs designed to help companies ​scale. So far, ​the TechX program has helped more than 100 companies increase sales an average of 2.​46X ​with​ combined revenues exceed​ing​ $14​5 million. Participants report more than $117 million in liquidity events of exits and follow-on capital infusions​, with one company selling​ for 30X revenues.​ One​hundred percent of graduates recommend the program​ and rate its impact an 8.37 on a 1-10 scale.

Through the years, ​I’ve led several national commercial lending institutions, including franchise financing divisions. In 1996​ I founded Commerce Capital Corporation; a commercial lending company which provided funding for companies all over North America. Locally ​I’ve been actively involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem; serving in a number of organizations and Boards including the Technology Center @ Novell, the Business Development Corporation of Provo, Utah Valley University’s Business Resource Center, Provo Labs Incubator, Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum, UtahAngels, ​Utah Angels 2, ​Boomstartup, and founding

July 19th| 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

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